1. Rap

    "Got MRSA? We’ll Vanc it. Got a foley? Let’s yank it!"

    It rhymes, but there are multiple strains, including those that reside in the blood, that are increasingly becoming more and more resistant to vancomycin or methicillin.

    I haven’t read much about their differences, if they aren’t named solely for the antibiotics they’re resistant to, but wouldn’t that be VRSA?

  2. Art

    This was inspired by an interesting topic sprung from the following photo

    How many of the people in those professions do freelance work in each respective profession? Many artists get commissioned to do a myriad of varied jobs that are esoteric to their artistic passion. I’m unsure, besides graphic design, if firms which hire multiple artists exist to serve whatever demand exists for whatever genre or multiple genres they hire talent to create. But if it did, it may be a safer bet than solely relying on freelance work.

    In an epoch where most any facet of life can be digitalized I’m not seeing a large demand for art. I’m not a large fan of most forms of art myself; so perhaps I’m just biased. My point is that during the years of the Egyptians circa Tut, or Aristotle, or even George VIII live performances, paintings, poetry/other written works, sculptures, etc were the only ways to entertain and/or record/convey history/current events. With the advent of the internet, television, Netflix, why bother with a painting that only conveys a handful of thematic matter? I’m not trying to deprecate the forms of art that I mentioned. I’m weighing their demand against the demand of other forms of contemporary genres of art. Cultures evolve. What is popular one day/century may not be relevant in the next. Artistic heir apparents exist just like people no longer use certain surgical procedures or business models. Out with the old, in with the new. Come now, lad, no reason to brood.

  3. The spoken words of angels taint the pensive reflections of demons.

  4. Acid versus base equilibrium. Fun stuff.

  5. I don’t have any tests before spring break, but I should still be doing my homework and reviewing the course material.


    and some

    Well it’s League so I guess it’s more like

  6. Well……………. if the shoe fits.

    Well……………. if the shoe fits.

  7. I’m Vayne; Not Vain

    I’m not trying to be vain, but I adore looking at myself. I know that others have thought that I was ugly. I know that pulchritude is subjective to the observer. This observer likes what he sees.

    It’s unfortunate that so many people are devastated by a poor sense of self worth that’s derived from how they feel they look and how they feel others think they look. We may be animals, but sexual selection isn’t a motif which runs all of our interactions with possible mates. We are sentient. We have personalities which can trump any physical faults. People should ascribe more importance to characteristics like emotional comparability.

    That’s it.

  10. I know I am great and I could become greater. 

    I just don’t have the zeal to do anything that I’m good at doing.

    One of those areas is academia. It’s been so boring lately. I enjoyed physics but chemistry is such a drag. The doctor teaching it is awesome though.

  11. Bi3+ & Sb3+

  12. *Not feeling normal ∴ feeling weird*
    return weird feeling.me();

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    i need feminism because when *Jesus does a magic trick it’s a *God(damn) miracle but when a woman does a magic trick she gets burned at the stake


  14. Sushi is only as good as the wasabi and soy sauce on it.

  15. George: Bro… hells yeah I tossed her ensalada!

    Gram: Bro, E. coli….

    George: Gram, don’t be negative